Monday, January 01, 2007

Ohio and back for insomniacs

Not everyone is really interested in work stuff on a non work related blog so I'll keep is short. I work as a product development engineer for a company who manufactures insulation for the aerospace industry. Just think of the insulation in your walls but for planes.

We had planned to go back east to see Mrs. Twisted family for Christmas but I was selected to go on a business trip for an install of our product into a DHL 767 freighter conversion. The problem was that we had tickets to fly back east on Wednesday Dec. 20th for Christmas. I flew out Sunday morning the 17th to the DHL central shipping hub in Wilmington Ohio. We were on call 24/7 for three shifts of mechanics and to give support when questions arise. Needless to say I only had about 4 hours of bed sleep between Monday morning until Thursday night.

Here is a 767 gutted and ready for retrofit.

The problem was that I flew home on Wednesday morning. I went from Ohio in the morning to Orange county airport at 2:00 PM and dropped the suitcase and then immediately drove to Las Vegas for a red eye flight to Boston. I know why drive all the way to Vegas to fly to Boston? We never did the Christmas flights before and it saved almost $400. per ticket. sounded good right? more on that later.

Oh here is a picture of the "smokearium" in the Vegas airport. What a place, waitresses serve you alcohol while you drop your money in slot machines and smoke while on public display. Vegas is the the only airport I know where smoking is still allowed in the terminal.

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