Sunday, January 14, 2007

Suprise visit from a friend

Yesterday we received a phone call from Stacey, Too Many Scarves , fellow blogger and good friend "Hey, I'm in town with my sister, can we do something?" Besides I have your Christmas gift. The way schedules worked out we could only meet at 8:30 for breakfast. We must like you to get up so early on our day off :-) For those of you with cold weather I'm sorry but it was really cold here for Southern California standards.

36 degrees according to the car, at 8:00 in the morning is a bit much for me. Good thing is that it'll warm up in a few days, instead of a few months. Nice chitty chat with Stacey and Tracey about her sisters upcoming nuptials in the fall over the normal IHOP fare.

Even as cold as it was, the ladies still had their clogs.

Stacey gave Mrs. Twisted a very special gift we can't discuss here till next Christmas and a set of stationary as a hint maybe to write more even if it's snail mail. Beautiful cards are always nice to receive. We hope you enjoy the matching set of gloves, scarf and hat we know you will make from the yarn we sent you home with. Randy wasn't left out. Three hanks of mineshaft sent his way to make some socks in the near future.

We discussed the trip to Stitches West next month in Santa Rosa and it looks like she plans on joining us, hopefully Randy joins us. If you thought the yarn shopping was excessive over Christmas we are bracing for a new record that weekend.

Last Wednesday didn't go to the regular Stitch and Bitch night in Orange, instead we drove up to Venice to see our friends at A Mano Yarn Center to check on the availability of some yarn to finish a charity blanket, but they had distributed all the yarn of the color we needed. We found it on Saturday at Alamitos Bay Yarn Co so life is good. It's a 36" baby blanket on a star knit stitch. It almost looks like a crochet stitch. The stitch is adapted from The Second Treasury of Patterns by Barbara Walker page 93, two color star stitch.

I did buy some pink sock yarn for a not to distant future project.

Mitered square rug update.

I know this has been on the needles forever. I work on it whenever I travel and when I don't have to concentrate much. Well, I have 27 squares made and after some re-configuration I think I will need 70 total. Six colors

This is what it should resemble when complete. a few variations on the color order , but it looks better now. The pic looks a bit washed out but I feel confident it will turn out good. The colors are really rich and vibrant in person.


  1. Mrs. Twisted10:37 AM

    See world? There really is some knitting going on in this house! We are going to attempt to do the yarn resolution thing and keep our stash building to a minimum. Oh man, its hard. So many gorgeous yarns. Our drug of choice!

  2. I should die if I can come in yarn store like this! This baby blanket is very nice! This green braid on my blog is just practice!

    see you soon!


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