Monday, January 01, 2007

Day one of the East Coast trip

Where did I leave off. Oh yeah after arriving we had some time to look around in Boston. I've been through Boston but never had time to shop and sightsee.

Here are a few of the sights we saw that morning. There was a wonderful annex to a bookstore that filled the space outside between the buildings.

You have to love the $3.00 and $5.00 books and um um it was a balmy 40 deg F this morning. Missing Ca already

The reason we were walking around was that we were waiting for a store to open.

Mrs. Twisted wanted to show me this store she used to frequent. This is my first time to a "Button" store. I also found out they also sold yarn and fabric. hmmmmm

Their were more buttons than I have ever seen in one place and we purchased a few for the felted bags being gifted for Christmas just days from now. While speaking to the sales lady we leaned of another store in Chicago and one really special store in San Fransisco known to be "The" button store in America. We already made plans to visit that one the next time we see Stacey and Randy.

5 wonderful hanks of Malabrigo left with us that morning. I see a slight change in the color attraction happening. Bright and rich colors not just the ever present purples. They also had seasilk yarns like my Secret Pal sent me but not in the wonderful colorway she sent me but I resisted because we had other plans in the coming days.

We had our trusty knitter's, crocheters' travel guide with us and at breakfast that morning we found the other yarn stores in Boston and walked to the one we thought had the most promise. we froze in the cold windy morning but the sights were worth the trip.

We don't have streets like these in Orange County.

Our walk was fruitless sans the visuals. The yarn store was a disappointment and was mis-represented as a luxury yarn store.

The other store *bonus* was also a disappointment because they took yarns and re-labeled them by applying the store sticker over the manufactures label and re-named them as their own. We can were able to recognise yarns by the slight edges of the labels poking out and would never support someone who would blatantly try to pass it off as their own brand and charged way more than the MSRP.

We did see this spectacular dress in the window of a designer shop. The pictures don't do it justice. The thoughts of the Viennese Waltz come to mind when I saw this dress. The drape and obvious fluidity with the delicious rich shades made me stop and admire the dress with more than a passing glance.

Enough shopping and we find our way back to the car and off to Mrs. Twisted's niece for the night. Lots of catching up and recanting pleasant memories as we all took turns working on a large puzzle. I did see something that was quite amusing though

The bucket -o- Remotes

More to come


  1. So where is this button store up here? And are you guys coming up here for Stitches West? And did you guys get the tree from my dads house? Am I asking too many questions? ;)

  2. 1. Here is the location of the button store. It says it has over 30,000 buttons. Plus the country's largest selection of fabrics on 4 floors.
    2. Yes we are planning to go to stitches west
    3. We havent been over to pick up the tree yet.

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:20 AM

    Stace - We will have to visit that button store!

    Do you wanna go to Stitches West with us?

    When is a good time to pick up the tree?

    Happy New Year!

  4. The button store is fantastic. I love the architecture of the buildings. I like how each of the homes has its own style even though sandwiched between its neighbors. The pictures are great.

  5. I've walked those streets many times growing up and going to Emerson College. I loved your pictures. They brought back memories. I love Windsor button, but did not like the knit and needlework store at all! They were were not knitter friendly and the layout of yarn was horrible! We didn't stay long enough to notice the yarn labeling. That's terrible!


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