Sunday, January 21, 2007

Guitars and music

It's been a long while since I did a music post and I had occasion to see a few shows lately. Yesterday was one of those really fun days for me. We have a guitar show that comes in January and late summer. It's a chance to go talk to local builders and some not so local and see some really beautiful works of art. I had missed the show last year and was a bit sick in late summer so I was looking forward to seeing and touching all the wonderful instruments. The Mrs. goes to look at the freaks and read the t-shirts of the attendees. it's always fun to see the wild shirts. We live in a small place and I really don't have room to buy another guitar, so it's more ooohs and aaahs.

Here is the shirt I wore. Several people commented on it.

I saw a few really special guitars. The first one was a shell pink colored Fender Stratocaster vintage from the 70's. Most would think a guitar made in Japan would be less desirable than an American made from the same period, but there are fewer of they these and are highly regarded for workmanship and quality. I saw this at the booth of a guy I met years earlier who is known in the industry for his talent in restoration of vintage guitars. I know, too much info but if you ever get a chance to meet Steve Soest or better yet hear him play, take the opportunity, top notch guy. There were various guitars catching my eye as we walked the show. Next was a guy who started out doing inlay work on wooden furniture in Maine and progressed to marquetry and inlay work on guitars.

This guitar will go back to Gibson for the hardware to be attached before it's ready for sale.

For more info you can follow the link. It's so much more than the music, its a work of art, creating art.

This guitar is special made from Myrtlewood which is native to southwest Oregon - near our blogfriend Punkin.

Next notable stop was when I saw this hand made amplifier cabinet in tiger flame maple. Not everyone wants their gear photographed so these were taken on the sly. Thank goodness for a good zoom.

Next was this one of a kind work of art. Not my style, but it was someones inspiration.

I stopped and talked to a guy who was showing at the last show. Joe Till Guitars

He is local to Southern California in Westlake Village. Exotic woods and fine workmanship in every detail.

This one was made from Lacewood native to Brazil and Australia.

While walking through the show we saw a crowd forming and then heard a guitar start in the middle of the crowd. It was in the Warrior guitar booth. Rick Derringer came over to play and promote the brand at the public show while the industry people were at the Anaheim Convention Center for the NAMM show. Sorry for the quality of the video but the camera takes reasonably good video and the Youtube conversion degrades it a little.

What can i say, I love the purple guitar. Pictures don't do it justice. There was a pearl white guitar in the same booth that was stunning as well.

I know I haven't mentioned the shows we had recently attended but I'm not the best at posting when I should. We went to see one of my favorite bands of all time on the 4th. Not that most of you will know who they are or like the music, NOFX is happy fun punk with a message. I don't agree with all the messages but the music makes it all fun. The crowd that attends their shows are usually 20 years my junior but the band has been around for 20 years. It amuses me when these kids come up to me and ask "hey, what are you doing here?". I typically respond with "I was a fan of the band before you were a gleam in your Daddy's eyes."

Two days later, we went to a tribute show by invitation from a former co-worker. Small club in Fullerton named The Alley, the place is actually in an alley. Six bands for the price of $6.00, what a deal One of the bands in the show had a lead guitarist who passed in his sleep at the age of 22. Some heart issues were in the family from what we understand. The two opening bands were playing their first gigs. 13 to 15 year old boys who show tremendous talent and drive for their age. The bands in the show are part of a Christian Speed Metal genre and all close friends of the boy who died so young.

So punk on Thursday and Speed Metal on Saturday. Not bad for a couple 40 something geezers!


  1. Was it the Back Alley Bar and Grill? If so, that's were Tracey and I went the night before IHOP. Which is why Tracey wasn't feeling that well :/

  2. There are some beautiful guitars there, I can't speak much for function but the form is stunning. I am surprised you didn't sneak one home with you! :)

    -- Michelle

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:27 AM

    Ah, Stacey - no, it was called "The Alley" and was a sort of divey hole in the wall. And I thought Tracey seemed a bit "under the weather" :)

  4. Beautiful guitars. My son would have loved seeing that. The purple guitar is gorgeous.

  5. Mrs. Twisted10:37 AM

    The purple guitar IS gorgeous and one of my favorites of the show. If only we had a bigger place....


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