Thursday, January 25, 2007

ut oh

There is a new man in town. Mrs Twisted and I went out for some franchise Mexican food and she was totally smitten with this mystery man.

After some investigation I found out his name is ............

Mr Nibbles

She swooned in his presence. Dashing, debonair and embracing the danger of his racing career. The purple racing car was the clincher.

OK she gets a bit excited with some of the Children's meal toys, some of which decorate her work space.


  1. Mrs. Twisted10:32 AM

    I can't help it...he's so cute! I guess I have a thing for rat-like things that are not rats. Or maybe its the name or the sexy racecar. Whatever it is, he's mine - all mine!

  2. Delightful! I think Mrs. Twisted has very good taste.

  3. Franchise Mexican food...Taco Bell?

    He is cute. And I wish I could see the desk at the office now. I bet it's way more interesting than back in my day.

  4. The other one, Del Taco... I'll have her take an action photo in his new place of honor on her desk. :)


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